Bank Repossessions


The last few years been a difficult time for many people who bought at the height of the property boom, here on the Costa del Sol.  Many outstanding properties have been handed back to the banks, after buyers paid over-the-top prices during the artificial years of the property boom.

These properties now stand empty and the banks are keen to get them off their books.

Sadly however, getting your hands on these properties isn’t as easy as just asking the banks.  The procedure of buying a repossessed property can be difficult.

Rana Realty’s many years of experience and co-operation with Spanish banks has given us a unique ability to speak with the right person.  Our exclusive contacts in the banking sector have given us exclusive insights in the where the best properties can be found – and how you can buy them for the best possible prices.

We have a number of bank repossessions currently on our books and are dealing with a number of exclusive clients regarding these properties.  Within the next few months, we will be listing them here, but in the meantime, we are dealing with bank repossession clients on an individual basis.

If you would like to look in to the possibility of buying distressed or bank repossessed properties, contact us and we will speak directly.